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 The Raiders and "Raiderettes" would like to welcome the new
 Cheer Director Tanda Schickel
Tanda is excited to bring a new energy and excitement to the
"Famous Raiderettes"!!!
The focus on cheer this season will be getting back to having fun and getting everyone involved in the Cheer program.

Interested in playing football or cheerleading this year?
The Raiders 
are making our move to get back to the top of the Southwest Midget Football League...

Come be a part of our championship tradition as
 we enter our 45th season!


Raider Families...
The Raiders are fired up about the upcoming 2018 season!!!

  What does this mean you ask? The Raiders will compete in the 5 team division this season. We will still play a 9 game schedule plus playoffs as we have in the past.  There have been some changes to the weight limits and also a really huge change at the Mighty Mite level as we moved to 8 vs 8 at the Mighty Mite level.

2018 League Weight Structure

 The 2018 Raider teams are as follows -

 Mighty Mites - (5,6 & 7yr Olds- Cannot turn 8yrs old before Sept. 1st)
75lb Max with Striper up to 87lbs  (6yr old up to 80lbs, 5yr old up to 85lbs)

 Widgets - (8 & 9yr Olds- Cannot turn 10yrs old before Sept. 1st)
90lb Max with Striper up to 102lbs  (8yr old up to 95lbs, 7yr old up to 100lbs)

 Pee Wees - (10yr Olds- Cannot turn 11yrs old before Sept. 1st)
110lb Max with NO STRIPER RULE APPLIES (9yr old up to 115lbs, 8yr old up to 120lbs)
3lb growth allowed for Final Weigh in prior to playoffs
(11yr old may slide down if 85lbs or less) 

 Lightweights/JV - (11 & 12yr Olds- Cannot turn 13yrs old before Sept. 1st)
127lb  Max - NO STRIPER RULE APPLIES (11yr old up to 132lbs, 10yr old up to 137lbs, 9yr old up to 142lbs)
3lb growth allowed for Final Weigh in prior to playoffs
(13yr old may slide down if 100lbs or less)

 Varsity - (13 & 14yr Olds- Cannot turn 15yrs old before Dec. 1st)
175lb Max with Striper up to 190lbs (12yr old up to 180lbs, 11yr old up to 185lbs)

  We will discuss the weight classes per team at registration and the team parent meetings. Please make sure at least one parent is in attendance so that you receive the proper info on the upcoming season. We will cover information about the uniform and equipment that is supplied to each player, our raffle fundraiser, etc. You will also meet your sons/daughters coaches and be able to ask any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have with them. Please make it a point to be at this meeting, even if you have attended these in the past, this season will be different than any other in recent memory! The mtg dates will be given during the first week of practice.